Thursday, November 25, 2010

'Happy Thanksgiving' to the United States' Citizens

Thanksgiving in the U.S. is a day spent feasting on good food and quality time spent with family. In my family, there'll be lots of music -- live and recorded. As far as the recorded, we start our day with the smooth tunes of "Mickey Mouse Operation" by "little people." It's a great compliment to the hustle and bustle happening throughout my home. Midday to mid-afternoon is for video-gaming: "Guitar Hero" for the children and "Black Ops" for us! Next, a Thanksgiving feast of merriment, joy, and giving serious thanks to the Lord for our blessings! Later in the evening comes the party, livened by "old school" mixes and then graduating to Dubstep. Uncork the wine bottles, release the beer taps, and add a heavy dose of floor-burning! HAPPY THANKSGIVING -- OUT!!!!!


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