Monday, November 22, 2010

The Crazy Lazy Cookbook: Thanksgiving feast to go

Thanksgiving Day is upon us here in the United States. The first Thanksgiving Day was a celebration by the pilgrims, thanking God for helping them survive their first New England winter. Turkey and other wild fowl were included in the meal. While I was growing up, "Turkey Day" meant family celebration. Nowadays, the feasts include far fewer loved ones and often chef-ordained meals. Eight of my last 12 Thanksgiving Day "turkey" feasts were catered courtesy of the "HoneyBaked Ham" store. I added a couple of "bake 'n' serve" pies and gave thanks for 12-24 extra hours to enjoy my family! 

Every day is a blessing for which I give thanks -- and ponder who'll be preparing my next Crazy Lazy meal!


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