Friday, November 25, 2011

T'is a season of love, hope, peace, joy - & shopping

Dillard's (Kenwood Mall) holiday display by Daniel.
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Love, hope, peace, and joy is what Christmas means to me. But I also get pleasure from holiday shopping, holiday displays, and the overall merriment of the season. Regardless of your religious or spiritual take on the holiday season, I hope each of you will join me in cultivating the love inside ourselves to bring hope for a brighter future, peace in our relationships, and joy to each and every day -- no matter what! Peace and love from Cincy!!!

Christmas flash mob:

PNC Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo (with Czechoslovakian puppet system):

T'is the season in Cincy
Santa rappels onto Fountain Square and other stuff in downtown Cincinnati:

Bengals Linebackers: Santa Claus is coming to town

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 2011: 'Take a seat at the table'

Thanksgiving is an act of LOVE, so let's give it freely to someone in need.
Photograph by Nantucket
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Once again, it's Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.A. Soon I'll make the two-hour trekk to Indiana for a holiday feast with my beloved family. This year's celebration will be particularly heartfelt where, during the year, times of wondrous blessings were interspersed with periods of grief. Yet, the atmosphere will be full of love, remembrance, and a greater appreciation for one another. 

That being said, in keeping with my Thanksgiving mantra of lazy cook, my offering to the feast is, of course, being catered -- oh, how I am thankful for those extra hours to enjoy my family!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heart of the Art: Yarn bombers weave their mark

BombShells release yarn bomb on Central Parkway.
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The setting - Cincinnati's Central Parkway median strip. The target - every tree, planter, pole, and utility box along the median. The villain - an incognito knitting faction known only as BombShells. In September, the posse, who's spray paint transforms into knitting needles and endless yarn, weaved their mark on Cincy. Like graffiti artists, the BombShells, in hidden identities, knitted their way across Central Parkway in downtown. From yarn puffs and jellyfish hanging from trees to Oz's wicked witch squashed beneath a huge planter, the yarn bomb survived two weeks before vanishing. Nevertheless, it was quite an awe-inspiring exhibit while it lasted!

Yarn bomb slideshow w/ music by Hectic Zeniths (my new favorite trip hop band); song titles: why shoot debris about it; zeitschtichen

Hectic Zeniths:

Note: Although no knitters have been identified, it has been discovered that Art Works, a local nonprofit arts organization, supported the project: