Monday, November 29, 2010

Heart of the Art / Photo Cafe: Graffiti City

Cincy street art and its stories of urban life.
Welcome to Cincinnati's urban street art! Set to a Dubstep remix of Brittney Spears' "Toxic," the graffiti images depict raw urban lifestyles. Experience it here:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

'Happy Thanksgiving' to the United States' Citizens

Thanksgiving in the U.S. is a day spent feasting on good food and quality time spent with family. In my family, there'll be lots of music -- live and recorded. As far as the recorded, we start our day with the smooth tunes of "Mickey Mouse Operation" by "little people." It's a great compliment to the hustle and bustle happening throughout my home. Midday to mid-afternoon is for video-gaming: "Guitar Hero" for the children and "Black Ops" for us! Next, a Thanksgiving feast of merriment, joy, and giving serious thanks to the Lord for our blessings! Later in the evening comes the party, livened by "old school" mixes and then graduating to Dubstep. Uncork the wine bottles, release the beer taps, and add a heavy dose of floor-burning! HAPPY THANKSGIVING -- OUT!!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fashion Streak: 'Snap Boutique's' designer chic

Snap Boutique teams up with Saks Fifth Avenue makeup artists for cosmetic event.

I discovered Snap Boutique serendipitously. While intending to visit a nearby retailer, my daughter pulled me into Snap. What a delight! The selections of Dolce Vita, House of Harlow, and Juicy Couture fashions are less mainstream, more classy boutique, and rival the salacious attire at Kenwood Mall. Simply put, Snap is another dessert on my tray of Cincy delights
Hours: Mon-Weds 10-5 / Thurs-Sat 10-6 / Closed Sundays
Contact: 513.871.8333  2732 Erie Avenue  Cincy 45208
How to get here

The Crazy Lazy Cookbook: Thanksgiving feast to go

Thanksgiving Day is upon us here in the United States. The first Thanksgiving Day was a celebration by the pilgrims, thanking God for helping them survive their first New England winter. Turkey and other wild fowl were included in the meal. While I was growing up, "Turkey Day" meant family celebration. Nowadays, the feasts include far fewer loved ones and often chef-ordained meals. Eight of my last 12 Thanksgiving Day "turkey" feasts were catered courtesy of the "HoneyBaked Ham" store. I added a couple of "bake 'n' serve" pies and gave thanks for 12-24 extra hours to enjoy my family! 

Every day is a blessing for which I give thanks -- and ponder who'll be preparing my next Crazy Lazy meal!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lend Me Your Ears: 'little people's' ingenious sound

Among my favs are Basique, Moon, and the uncanny operatic Unsaid.

On a scale of one to infinity, "Mickey Mouse Operation" by little people has soared to the top of my heavy-rotation playlist. Best I can tell, Laurent Clerc of London, UK, is the singular musical genius of little people. Clerc claims to make down-tempo electronic music or as he puts it: "It's part beats, bleeps, and snippets of other people's music." Whatever he calls it, his string and drum fusions are uncanny and brilliant! "Mickey Mouse Operation" made its debut back in 2006, so it is unfortunate that Clerc's talent is still low key. Click to hear "Mickey Mouse Operation" and get acquainted with little people!