Sunday, April 24, 2011

Heart of the Art: Contemporary living a joy in Cincy

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Avista Developers' stunning hillside homes overlook Cincy and Northern Kentucky. 

View from "The Elite's" rooftop patio.
As a city built on seven hills, Cincinnati offers spectacular views and many housing options. I have always loved open floor plans, so it was shear delight to discover the area's countless lofts and contemporary home styles. Then one day things got better -- I found my dream home. Dwelling One in Phase I of "The Elite" development on Mt. Adams is the ultra contemporary abode I'd always envisioned for myself. A tour of the home's 3,000 square feet of stunning living space was a spiritual sojourn. I'd place dibbs on this luxurious residence in a heartbeat if $895,000 ever falls into my lap! If you love contemporary living, and aren’t shy about paying nearly a million dollars for a home, "The Elite" is certainly worth a personal tour! For the rest of us, check out the virtual tour via the link below:

Avista Developers
380 Oregon Street, #204
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Take the virtual tour:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heart of the Art: CAC exhibits Keith Haring pop art

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Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center in downtown is designed by Zaha Hadid.

The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in downtown Cincy offers free admission, starting at 5 p.m. on Mondays. I recently took advantage of that freebie and toured the iconic pop art exhibit of Keith Haring. Where much of Haring's work is for mature audiences, it was amusing to witness a group of high school students react to those images. Also on display was Rosson Crow's uncanny American motorcycles exhibit. Both Haring and Rosson produced some extraordinary works; however, I enjoy the CAC's architecture as much as the exhibits. The ultra contemporary building is itself a work of art. It's the perfect setting for special events that have included a sneaker designer's launch party. For anyone who appreciates uncanny art, the CAC might be for you -- it's certainly for me!!
Keith Haring: