Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crazy Lazy Cookbook: tazza mia brews java culture

Java and a delectable coconut macaroon-YUM!
UPDATE: We moved ... Come follow us to

I was headed to Starbucks at Fourth & Vine when I noticed "free Wi-Fi" on a sign inside a window at tazza mia. In the mood for a bit of change, I ventured inside to a quaint sophisticated coffee bar filled with retro chic ambience. Turns out that tazza mia is brewing more than just java in its three downtown cafes. This Cincy local is brewing a coffee culture in that's also good for the environment; but, for that piece of the story, you'll need to visit tazza mia and discuss the roasting process -- that's where their story unfolds.

I enjoyed tazza mia so much that my visit lasted all morning. What began with a sign in a window ended hours later, with great java, great fun, and great friends -- I can hardly wait to return!

tazza mia: coffee bar for connoisseurs
441 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 513.381.1388