Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lend Me Your Ears: 'little people's' ingenious sound

Among my favs are Basique, Moon, and the uncanny operatic Unsaid.

On a scale of one to infinity, "Mickey Mouse Operation" by little people has soared to the top of my heavy-rotation playlist. Best I can tell, Laurent Clerc of London, UK, is the singular musical genius of little people. Clerc claims to make down-tempo electronic music or as he puts it: "It's part beats, bleeps, and snippets of other people's music." Whatever he calls it, his string and drum fusions are uncanny and brilliant! "Mickey Mouse Operation" made its debut back in 2006, so it is unfortunate that Clerc's talent is still low key. Click to hear "Mickey Mouse Operation" and get acquainted with little people!


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