Monday, January 3, 2011

A Healthy Dose of Realism: Self-service society

Some years back, when gasoline stations installed self-service pumps, I was miffed. After a full day's work, didn't I deserve to have an attendant pump my gas, check my oil, and clean my windshield? Then to my dismay grocery stores installed "U-scan" do-it-yourself checkouts. Wasn't it enough that I was trading my hard-earned cash for the grocer’s products, but now I have to cashier for myself? Always one to support library levies, I'm no longer feeling the love for them since my dear library has become another self-service entity. So where does it stop? Profitable self-service has replaced customer service, takes more of my valued time, and increases my stress level. So it's up to me and you to go old school if there is a chance of reinstating that valued commodity known as customer service. I’m doing my part by grocery shopping at Whole Foods and IGA where I'm guaranteed a cashier at checkout. Also, I utilize the Internet for audio and video and Kindle my books. I hope we remember that even though these "U-Scans" are technically savvy, the personal experiences are what make simple tasks like pumping gas and buying groceries special. In the lyrics of the Jessie J. song Price Tag, "...wanna make the world change? Forget about the price tag!" Listen here:


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