Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crazy Lazy Cookbook: Cincy cafe takes the cake

Northside cafe's decadent confections and trendy lunch menu is among my Cincy favorites.
Sweet idea brings steady stream of customers.
At first glance, it is easy to miss "take the cake". But once inside, the unassuming exterior gives way to a quaint cafe that easily lives up to its name. Next to a decadent display of cupcakes and other yummy desserts, on which I focused most of my attention, is a wall of design and fashion magazines. I'm enchanted by the lunch menu cleverly displayed on a floor-to-ceiling chalkboard mounted across from the cash register. Local artwork that lines the walls is a real pleasure. Simple seating fills the cafe, with mix-matched chairs and wooden tables that provide a homey yet chic feel. "take the cake" is a great place for a quick pickup of quality, unique, and delicious food. The only thing that might take awhile is deciding which item to order! But with affordable prices, you won't feel guilty enjoying a spot of tea with a cupcake or two (or three)!

take the cake:


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