Friday, September 24, 2010

Heart of the Art / Photo Cafe: Porkopolis' Pigmania

The "Swine Lake" statue hogs the facade of the Cincinnati Ballet
Shortly after moving to Cincinnati, I began noticing pig statues everywhere -- downtown, atop buildings along Interstate 75, in front of restaurants, and inside businesses. The unusual sites made driving around the city much more interesting, but I couldn't help wondering -- why pigs?
Well, according to my research, Cincy hosted a public art exhibit back in 2000 called the "Big Pig Gig." As a fundraiser for the ArtWorks organization, local artists decorated fiberglass squealers that were later auctioned. Although the event was supposedly based on a Swiss cow display, it was fitting for Cincinnati to use pigs because of a history hog-tied to pork and resulting nickname -- Porkopolis. So from a fiberglass pigpen to being a "boar" on Cincy streets, the big pigs are an endearing element in the Queen City landscape.
Click to learn about ArtWorks.

"The Days of Swine and Roses" is a mosaic mirrored pig, holding a wine bottle and white wine glass. Other Cincy "Big Pig" statues.


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