Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fashion Streak: 'Unheardof' sneaker boutique

Unhearof dubs itself the "Street Pusher of Rare Goods." This Friday (Sept. 17, 2010), the store will host the Bengals Art Show. Click on http://www.unheardofbrand.com/ to view art and get information on boutique merchandise.

Specialty baseball caps are among popular items.
I love the mural above; however, let's get to the real business of this post: the coveted sneaker boutique "Unheardof." This downtown boutique carries many rare sneakers and atypical clothing. It also hosts special events like September 2010's Bengals Art Show and T-shirt Release Party w/ MTV's Rob Dyrdek ("Rob and Big"). Exclusive - yes, pricey - perhaps, but I have yet to find a better boutique catering to sneaker aficionados and those who want to sport casual, independent fashions.
323 W 4th St., Cincinnati, OH 45202, (513) 744-9444
Sept 17th
Cincinnati Bengals Art Show w/ paintings from Shawn Voelker 

Sept 23rd
T-shirt Release Party w/ Rob Dyrdek (MTV's Rob and Big)


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